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Brand Profile

Elevator Solution Limited is world famous importer, supplier and service provider elevator company in Bangladesh. Our some supplier brand partner. The brief description of the partner of the company is given below.

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TurkeyFabre Asansör commenced business in 2005 with the vision of becoming a leading name in the elevator sector based on our core competence; the production and service of customized solutions that comprise a tailored range of elevator, cabins, frames and doors in Turkey.Looking back over this period, which has demonstrated strong demand for our products from industry leaders and seen TSEK, ISO 9001/OHSAS 18001 accreditation, it is very rewarding to see the progress that has been made towards realizing our vision.

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Turkey China GFR INDUSTRY AND TRADING CO LIMITED is one of Joint Ventures from World Top 500 Companies in China. It has been invested and establish by American OTIS Investment Group Co., LTD. OTIS introduces integrative international brand technology, management, after-sale service to build GFR INDUSTRY AND TRADING CO LIMITED. It creates an industrial miracle of an annual productive capacity of 15,000 elevators.

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STAR LIFT INC. has grown to a small & medium company recognized in Korea through development of door system and new technologies, being engaged in elevator industry, based on elevator door devices, since its establishment in 2007. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the customers, who has cared about and has supported us invariably, for such a long time.

Reflecting on the past, we think the path that STAR LIFT INC. has walked through has been ‘Challenge’ itself. Founding a business as an elevator manufacturing company, we came to manufacture belt-type elevator first among domestic small & medium companies through continuous research and development of elevator parts, and launched parts and elevators with new technologies adopted in the specialized elevator exhibitions in Korea and foreign countries. In particular, "5 CENTER OPENING", an asymmetrical door opening model, is a 3 left door opening and 2 right door opening type, which was developed, manufactured and launched by STAR LIFT INC. being recognized of high technical power even by large companies in Korea and overseas countries. The technical power of STAR LIFT INC. may be verified by ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates, KC certificate and K-Mark certificate which are necessary for elevator door devices, 2 patents, 2 utility models and 1 design registration and so on. With those technical power STAR LIFT INC. has been entering more than 10 overseas countries, including Mongolia and Southeastern countries such as Thailand and Bangladesh, and even countries in the Middle East.

STAR LIFT INC. which is leading elevator industry by continuous development of new technologies has been equipped with the systems to produce various kinds of elevators such as elevator door devices, passenger, freight, car and home elevator, etc. Now, you may see an elevator, which you may be satisfied with, in STAR LIFT INC. Thank you.