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Elevator Life Cycle Planning

Elevator Solution Limited approaches elevator maintenance by looking at the long-term benefit of the client. To do so, one needs to focus on preventative maintenance which includes regular on-site visits on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the type of elevator being serviced.

With a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan in place, delivered by a reputable company, most elevators can be in service for more than 25 years before requiring major modernization.

There are a number of benefits to having regular on-site preventative maintenance:

  • There is higher reliability of the elevators as issues can often be found proactively thus avoiding potential shut-downs.
  • The service life of the elevator can be significantly extended by replacing or repairing parts before they cause wear on other components; good preventative maintenance can extend the life of elevator equipment by 10 years or more.
  • From a financial perspective, owners are often able to avoid unplanned repairs due to improper maintenance. The Elevator Life-cycle Planning chart here illustrates the significant savings that can be realized if a high quality preventative maintenance program is adopted for your elevators.