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Hospital Bed Elevator

Hospital Bed Elevator:
Electric hospital bed elevators are designed to provide safe, convenient transportation for everyone. An optimum mix of features ensures efficient elevator operation to meet every hospital need, from transporting patients in beds to moving medical equipment.

Hospital bed Elevator without any vibration. It pours in great care to the lives of the patients.

Comfortable & Silent:
VVVF drive ensures operate more smoothly. Nice noise control brings passenger peaceful riding experience.

Safe & Reliable:
Reasonable machine room arrangement keeps sufficient maintenance space. Parts after reliability test ensure elevator run continuously stably.

High Efficiency & Low Noise:
The application of permanent magnet synchronous motor changes the traditional drive mode of traction machine, it is effective and noise-reducing.

Professional & Attentive:
Normative professional installation and attentive regular maintenance make elevator always run in nice condition. Nationwide service network maximum safety insurance.

Exquisite and Graceful:
Exquisite design integrated with most advanced craft makes the quality of elevator from outstandingly perfect. Graceful exterior design and glorious car decoration meet individual demands from different occasions.

Green and Environment Friendly:
Compared with a traditional geared traction machine, the permanent magnetic synchronous drive saves up to 60%in energy consumption. Lubricant-free motor keeps environmental-friendly.


Hospital Bed Elevator

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