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MRL Passenger Elevator

MRL Passenger Elevators

Machine Room-less (MRL) passenger elevators were at first developed in Europe and are rapidly gaining popularity in North America.

MRL is an exciting new elevator configuration designed to save space, money, energy, and time. It is a good choice for mid-rise buildings that need to get passengers where they are going quickly.

MRL Elevator Benefits

MRLs save space by placing the compact, gearless machine directly in the elevator shaft.
There is no need for a roof top machine room, which potentially lowers building construction costs.
Gearless machines and counterweight configuration of MRLs increases energy efficiency and provides a smooth, quiet ride.
MRLs typically travel faster than traditional hydraulic elevators, which saves time for riders.


The compact design of synchronous PM Gearless drive without the intermediate gear drive mechanism largely improves the driving efficiency, saving 50% of energy consumption. In the same time, owing to no need to be lubricated, it is environment friendly product without the oil pollution to the machine room and the hoist way, having no waste oil to contaminate the environment.

Passenger Elevator with the complete safety solution complying with EN81.1, GB7588-2003, JIS safety criterion offers the reliable performance. Without the noise and vibration resulted from the traditional gear transmission, the elevator brings the passengers with the comfortable and quiet riding experience.


MRL Passenger Elevator

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