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Panoramic Lift

Panoramic lift not only make the passenger enjoy moving up and down but also make the decorative style harmonious with architectural style, endowing the building with personality and vitality, which reflect the charming glamour of modern city life. Panoramic elevators can not only enable passengers to enjoy smooth and comfortable riding experiences but also take an aerial view of the landscapes outside the elevator from the flowing perspective during the short ride. Artistic and elegant appearance can add color to your building.
Gearless Traction Machine Low Noise Various Optional Configurations Panoramic Elevator, The gearless traction microcomputer control elevator, armed with microcomputer control system and gearless traction machine. It is a kind of very popular observation lift of current market in Bangladesh. 

There are three most important parts of this kind of elevator:

  • Gearless main machine, microcomputer control board and safety glass cabin. Certainly, brake & speed control system and safety spare parts are also necessary.
  • It is a kind of motor-powered vertical lift with a box-shaped pod.
  • Passengers can appreciate all scenery inside with at least a transparent cabin. So it is popular in occasions for architectural displays.
  • Visual Excitement
  • Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving & Noiseless
  • High Transmission Efficiency
  • Stability, Safety & Comfortable in Elevators
  • Humane & Ergonomic Designs
  • Various Styles and Appearances.

Rigorous Internal Structure & Distinct External Structure Application:
Hotels, Shopping Malls & Commercial Buildings 

Technique Feature:
Gearless Traction Machine Low Noise Various Optional Configurations Panoramic Elevator can afford running frequency more than 100times per minute. As it supports VVVF function, it can save 15% to 20% electricity during its lifetime compared with other passenger lift manufacturers’ products. High-grade level processed warm gearbox can work for more than 10years. The gearless machine can afford 10% overload. Sensitive safety system provides safety guarantee for multi-emergency conditions and reduces observation lift risk assessment effectively. High quality and high accuracy of manufacture traction drive unit characterized by long service life, low noise, low vibration, and high stability.

Applied Range:
According to the different characteristics of buildings and the requirements, various machine models are available for selection. It can be widely used in various large-scale shopping malls, shopping centers, entertainment centers, exhibition halls and other public places.

Panoramic Lift

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