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Passenger Elevator

The most preferred solution in residential premises, business buildings, and high-ranking hotels in Bangladesh.

Space saving?
With its compact small size, PM Gearless traction can be placed in a smaller machine room. Therefore, small machine room solution increases the usage of the building area and makes rooms for living or building leasing.

Green and Energy saving?
Passenger Elevator adopts PM Gearless machine and VVVF drive system with the energy consumption be reduced by as much as 40% compared with traditional gear machine. Moreover, the intelligent control system, energy regen system, and VVVF controlled door operator systems also contribute in energy consumption reduction. The well-designed low-energy consumption configuration of Elevator efficiently improves energy utilization ratio, and reduces the cost within elevator’s life cycle.

Elevator provides various options in car designing, in choosing the standard features or requiring alternative non-standard demands. Each detail in designing will help in creating a pleasant and enjoyable car room and in adding beauty to the building.

High-efficiency processes:
Elevator focuses on the high efficiency of elevator operation process and takes into consideration the different requirements in production, installation, and maintenance. The compact product, efficient supply chain, working with quick installation and adjustment service will remarkably shorten the construction time, save construction cost and bring satisfactory profit to the customer.

Control system:
Multiple microprocessor-based control system, VVVF and synchronous PM Gearless drive ensure the excellent performance of Elevator, offering the passengers with the comfortable riding. The innovative technology makes passenger elevator product a success.

Passenger Elevator with small machine room or without machine room is space-saving, effectively improving the usage of the building area while reducing the cost of construction.

The compact design of synchronous PM Gearless drive without the intermediate gear drive mechanism largely improves the driving efficiency, saving 50% of energy consumption. In the same time, owing to no need to be lubricated, it is an environment-friendly product without the oil pollution to the machine room and the hoistway, having no waste oil to contaminate the environment.

Passenger Elevator with the complete safety solution complying with EN81.1, GB7588-2003, JIS safety criterion offers the reliable performance. Without the noise and vibration resulted from the traditional gear transmission, the elevator brings the passengers with the comfortable and quiet riding experience.

Passenger Elevator

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